Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Brain farts and the cleaning arts

Ok now I feel like a Nong lol I just figgered out I can do this on my iPhone lol  so I might get a few pore posts out lol

Ok so update time we are all still alive Aaron and I don't hate each other and the twinlets are growing well lol they are now 7months old and crawling everywhere :)

So I thing I told you all about how we rented the first house available to get away from the neighbours from hell and it kinda worked for awhile I guess - when we brought the twins home it was winter and the house was freezing so we all lived in the lounge room for almost 4 months with the gas heater on most of the time now its summer the house is like an oven and we are all in the living room again with the air con on so the babies don't get heatstroke :( its just not a practical house for a baby let alone two . There is basically no kitchen just a stove and a sink with cupboards under it and a tiny lounge room with no room for them now they're crawling lol
Good news is we found a new house! We move this week and next it's got a good kitchen a big lounge room smaller bedrooms but that's ok! So I've been culling our stuff this week  I got the idea from a blog  I'll post the link to later  so far I've gotten rid of
3 plates that don't go with any set and we don't use
6 mugs that suck and we don't use
3 tiny cookie cutters we don't use
One shelf of broken mismatched and random tupperware pplastic storage
Gross old wooden spoons
A broken bullet blendy thing and the cups
A rolling pin you put water in that was missing is cap so was useless
Any pair of undies in the house with holes in them same with socks
Am doing more tomorrow  well of to bed now
Xoxo mummy of twinlets

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sew awesome

woo finally got a sewing machine! lol birthday gift off my parents and sisters :) NOW TO GET MY SEW ON!!! lol first project vintage inspired mummy daughter outfits lol then a vintage wardrobe for me ,piper dom and maybe aaron lol (he likes modern clothes)
anyone have suggestions of easy projects for beginners?
xoxo mummy of twinlets

Saturday, September 15, 2012

new adventures

 so this weekend we are staying at my parents as my sister and her girlfriend have bought the local video store and we have been moving it to a bigger location and decorating and organising it.... i saw we in the general sense as i have been at "nanny's" with the babies being mummy milk cow lol i did go down for a lil bit and unpack and organise their counter and make a little sign for their pinboard lol piper has also fallen in love with her bunny a little bunny on a blanket soo cute

Piper and Bunny

Playtime with Bunny

Dominics first Mohawk 
also weighed in at the chemist last week and Dom was 11pound (5kg) and Piper was 10 and a half Pound (5.8kg?)

mummy of twinlets xoxo

Friday, September 7, 2012

         OMG TWINS!!!!
wow its been so long since ive been on a computer lol busy being mummy :)
yes the twins are here!! ill write  the jist of it lol after having to stay in hospital in Canberra for 4 weeks after going into preterm labour at 30weeks i got out on good behaviour for two weeks yay then went back on the 5th of June to stay for the 10 days till my scheduled Csection . after a whole lot of trouble with our psycho neighbour we were moving house which Aaron was doing with some friends and my parents on the 6th and 7th  so our biggest fear was my water would break while they were moving guess what........


lol for the whole week id been so heavy and in pain and could barely walk lol so mum drove me in on the 5th and left the next morning telling me to stay in bed that day as id been feeling off so i spent the day sleeping and eating lol had a long hot shower and braided my hair and got back into bed to knit the second baby blanket and i only got the the first row done as the bubs were moving and it hurt soo bad so i rolled to get out of bed and felt a POP then a gush followed by another and called mum in tears
 "mum i think my water just broke!"         "oh no calm down its ok have you rung Aaron yet?"
after calling him 20 times i figured he wasn't gonna answer and tried everyone i could think of no answer!! so after calling mum back she said she would go get him and bring him to the hospital (about 3 hours driving all up) and told me to ring the front desk and get them to send an orderly with a wheelchair to the residency to get me but as i was in shock i guess i walked myself across the road at about 20 to 1 in the morning in the Freezing cold in my nightie and ugg boots with a rolled up towel between my legs to catch the water lol eventually after getting hooked up and checked out and the doctors called i was contracting pretty regularly and they finally got to the hospital at around 5.15am on the 7th by that time i was in alot of pain and they figured out who was going to do my csection so at 36weeks 4days

 Dominic Lawrence was born at 6.30 am 2290g and 46cm long and

Piper Leslie was born at 6.32am 2505g and 46cm long

we spent 6 days in the hospital 3 of those they had nasal feeding tubes but were in my room the whole time NO NICU!! and other than the tube top ups and 6 bottles in the first 2weeks when i was desperate for sleep I've been exclusively breast feeding which has been tough sometimes what with blocked ducts and thrush but we are still going strong at 3months :)

                                                       the day before my water broke

just before surgery
holding dominic for the first time

Piper and Dominic   (piper has all the hair)


Our first family photo

first time holding hand (6 weeks old)

Our lil bears

Supporting  his team

supporting her team

Dominic 3 months

Piper 3 months

miss piper

mister dom

mummy's home photoshoot

so you can understand why ive been soo busy lol we are soo in love with our lil family

till next time (hopefully not too long this time)
gemma     mummy of twinlets

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Too Cute

this is just going to be a quick post but i have to do it lol

so lastnight we stayed at my parents house as aarons family friends are coming in for the day and as the rest of the family live in harden and its his day off we thought it would be nice lol so after a long day at work then a long night of back and forth teasing with my dad , visisting his parents and playing on the internet lol he finaly got to sleep some time around 1.30am i think lol and i dropped off around 2/2.30 thanks to babies lol
now aaron has always been a sound sleeper and can drop off anywhere lol (he took a nap face down on the lounge room floor yesterday with no pillow lol dad had fun teasing him about the drool mark on the carpet lol) but this pic will show you he can sleep anywhere through any thing lol

this was taken about an hour ago appearantly my belly makes a good pillow and he slept through being kicked in the ear

Too Cute lol he cant wait to meet our lil boy and girl :)

till next time 

Friday, March 30, 2012

A bit of a Winge

soo i dont really know what to post about today ...but as of monday i will be 27 weeks pregnant!!! ......and this week ive been soo over being pregnant :( lol tired sick sore cant sleep a 24hour karate class in my uterus not fun so ive decided to winge a bit lol here goes..........

i miss sleeping in the same bed cuddled with aaron

im now sleeping in a reclining chair next to the bed...not the same :(
i miss nice clothes without bands or extenders or mountains of fabric

looks comfy...kinda for a while.....but dont make you feel sexy on your fat days

i miss pretty undies that match

not undies that ride up your bum or sag or are ridiculously high or low in the front...and just plain ugly

i really really miss pretty shoes...all i can wear is thongs or slippers yuck

i even kinda miss being able to see my feet... definitely miss being able to paint my toenails as they have chipped ind i now have hobo feet lol

miss going out whether it be dinner and a movie with aaron or girls night out

this is me nightly :/

i really am over feeling like a turtle on its back which will only get worse till they come out

but most of all i miss being able to BEND!!!!!!

lol if you got through all that wingeing and are still reading WOW good for you
that being said there are a few things i like about being pregnant shocking i know lol
i like feeling and seeing the babies move   (when its nice gentle movements lol)
i love seeing them grow from one ultrasound to the next
i love buying them stuff lol and then organising it
i love how excited aaron is and how well he is taking all this
and i love teasing my dad that he will be babysitting all the time :)

so heres a question for everyone out there whose had or is having babies...
what did you love and hate about being pregnant?

till next time xoxo

Sunday, March 25, 2012

We Made TWINS!!!

So around about 2 weeks after the wedding i had a doctors appointment to ask about getting a back xray as i have had alot of pain and problems with my lower back and pelvis since i broke my pelvis in 08 anyway i couldn't find my keys and burst into tears cause i was running late lol well when i told mum she mentioned doing something similar when she was pregnant with me... Aaron and i hadn't been actively trying but weren't on birth control as we had been told it would take at least a year to fall...HA! so that night i took a pregnancy test and it came up positive immediately cue me  running back into the house (yes our toilets outside ...yes it suckslol very much so in winter) and into the bedroom with tears running down my face too shocked to form a coherent sentence lol and aaron thinking it was negative because of said tears lol when he finally calmed me down andi was able to tell him it was positive and we were going to be parents he was shocked and even teary himself.......cue first ultrasound lying there on that bed looking at the grainy booger looking images on the screen was surreal hearing the so hears the baby's heartbeat...oh! and there's its twins!! was a shock lol aaron jokingly held my legs down and said at least its not triplets! lol everyone had been teasing saying we were going to have twins since the day we got engaged so there was a lot of laughter and i told you so's in the beginning but everyone's so excited especially Aaron and i. and other than a bleed around 6 and a half weeks and being borderline anaemic oh and the horrible hypermessis that was all day all night and so bad i had to leave work lol its been a pretty uneventful pregnancy not exactly fun lol but not horrible lol so long story short as of tomorrow i am 26weeks pregnant with boy/girl twins ....wish me luck xoxo

 our baby boy at 25+2       looks just like his daddy

 our baby girl at 25+2    soo pretty
 TWINS!!!! 7 week US

 Aaon was happy to get something with daddy on it lol

 21weeks 4 days

 12 weeks 1 day

 15 week belly

24 weeks 5 days

our gender reveal cupcakes lol